Facinas: Probabilistic Graphical Models

This is my very new project, the implementation in C++ of a library for inference and learning with Graphical Models. Many algorithms will be implemented covering as much as possible of this domain. The project is in its early stage, so more will come later. With the need of matrix computations in such an area, I also decided to take over the Boost::uBLAS library (officialy part of the famous Boost C++) and maintain this too.

Boost::uBLAS (or ublas for short)

This is a project I maintain and develop now. So every C++ programmer knows about the Boost library now, and we all know Boost is in fact a collection of libraries on every aspect of C++ programming.
One of those library is devoted to linear algebra (matrices and vectors) and is very powerful now. I work on improving it, adding new algorithms, changing methods to be faster again.
Many projects are ongoing now: new algorithms on matrices, special matrices and of hardware-based acceleration (SSE and the like, GPU, etc..)
There are 2 web pages about uBlas:


SVG-cards is an artistic project in which I designed extremely accurate playing cards using a description language called SVG which is a XML-based language.
SVG allows the description of an image with geometric objects rather pixels. Therefore SVG-cards is scalable at any scale and you can make transformation and print it on any support at any size without loosing on the quality of the drawings. Of course, SVG-cards can be used on all platforms (all OSes, all computers, etc...) and it's open-source.
Please check the SVG-cards website for more information and downloading.